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Marc Jacobs Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Red Leather Jacket

MARC JACOBS red leather biker jacketSince I bought my I cannot imagine a single weekend without it. Red, lavishly enchanted and pristine. Regardless of what I wear – trendy ripped jeans, summery cocktail dress, white blouse or hitting the streets in Converse sneakers – my jacket is always with me.

While trying to figure out my outfit for today I sometimes tell myself: “Sorry, my lovely jacket – not this time. I’m giving you the day-off. There is something else for me hanging in the closet.” But NO! No matter how many blazers, cardigans or denim jackets I try out, before I close my apartment’s door I almost always grab my most trusted friend – same old leather jacket.

Undoubtedly it is my favorite piece of clothing. Biker or bomber, suede or nubuck, brown, black or red leather jacket – however you style it, it remains a cool classic suited for almost every occasion.

IRO leather jacketMarc Jacobs Leather Biker Jacket

My dear reader, I bet you just threw a glance at your wardrobe and felt the same way. Or maybe you didn’t and you have your own perspective on this piece of clothing. Anyway, you either have it and you love it, or you haven’t had the right one. Luckily for you my reader, throughout all the possible fashion stores I have found something worth your look…

IRO Ashville Jacket

There is something special about red leather jacket. A piece of clothing that has blown up during this season making an entry onto big stage. It’s quite evident actually, the classic look has proven its permanent niche in fashion terrine, it is everlasting and gracious, yet leaving a sway of authority and seductiveness. Colors have been varied over the decades and now it’s time for red. The weapon of choice for every fashionable lady.

Saint Laurent classic leather jacketSaint Laurent Classic Motorcycle Jacket


Leather has been a fundamental fabric for clothing since the dawn of mankind, in fact leather has been very first material ever worn. Adapted by all cultures without any regards to climate or location, leather has proven itself to be comfortable durable and long lasting, and can last literally forever. Leather’s traits are exceptionally flexible, so it is used for wide variety of clothing.

Leather is natural, meaning it resonates with our body like no other fabric, it’s essentially important for a human being to feel connection with nature as we are core part of it both mentally and physically. Unlike most other fabrics that can cause itching or bruising of skin, restriction of air flow and soreness, leather stands in awe. There is no other fabric in the world with affinity to our body like natural leather.

IRO Tatiana Leather Jacket

IRO – a medley between French elegance and New York’s sense of style, since its debut in 2004 its brainchildren are 2 ex rock-stars who bring stupendous pieces of fashion to women who enjoy experimenting with their appearance.

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