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Best classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Our Best Vented Motorcycle Jackets

700-SpidiSuffer no longer. For swampy, sweltering days (and you know there will be more to come) these seven vented jackets represent the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for all stinking summer.

A late edition to the roster this season, the has quickly earned MVP status. It’s blessedly bereft of any discernable logos; it comes with elbow and shoulder armor and has room for a back protector; short of a birthday suit it’s the most ventilated jacket you’ll find; it weights like 2 pounds; it’s black—what’s not to love?

The Levante is a long-time staple of the REVIT jacket lineup. New models come and go but this one’s been unchanged for a few years. That usually means they got it right (also see the stalwart Ignition 2 Leather/Textile hybrid, below). With the waterproof and thermal liner removed, this is a capable summer commuting or touring jacket with full ventilation, articulated sleeves, shoulder and elbow armor and plenty of pockets. Ride it all summer long. But don’t forget the liner—throw it in and this jacket is transformed into three-season piece. Warm and dry enough for nasty shoulder-season weather.

This is where we usually include one of our favorite jackets ever—. It’s sleek, tough, waterproof, and has massive cold-air intake vents under both arms, and twin vertical zippered back vents for exhaust. And as an all-around, everyday go anywhere jacket, the Skyline still reigns supreme for its versatility.

700-LevanteBut this roundup is about vented jackets, and that qualifier clears the stage for the new. This jacket wallops the Skyline in the ventilation departments. It has two underarm vents, two chest vents, and two exhaust vents in the back. That’s six total. Each is backed by mesh panels (to keep out kamikaze bees) and reinforced with sturdy Nylon straps to keep the jacket from blowing apart in a wreck. Where the Skyline is more discreet, the Expedition is not bashful about the fact it’s ready for an adventure. It’s pretty hard to hide all as many features as it has. At the same time, it’s tougher than the Skyline. Made from the same heavy duty field Nylon as the its sibling, this jacket gets three layers to the Skyline’s two.

700-IgnitionThe is REVIT’s finest work, and one of our favorite jackets to sell because it has a built-in answer for everything. The abrasion resistance of a leather jacket? Check. The ventilation of a mesh jacket, check. Waterproof too? With the wind- and waterproof liner zipped in, yes. Warm? Zip in the thermal vest and it this is a three-season jacket. Ditch all those liners for summer and this is the coolest-running leather jacket on the market. Stash the liners in a bag and you’re ready for anything. And safety-wise, beyond affording essentially the same abrasion resistance as a full leather jacket, it also comes with substantially longer-than-average CE armor at the elbows and solid shoulder coverage too. Bonus: it zips into a one-piece suit by picking up the complementary Double Bonus: both the jacket and pants come in a

700-FlatbushAirThe from REVIT is very simply a swiss-cheese’d version of the standard Flatbush jacket, which is our favorite of REVIT’s gaggle of 0-0 café-cut classic jackets. Whatever leather REVIT sourced for this series, they should use more of it. Nice and thick and sturdy, yet supple enough not to jab you in the throat when you sit down on the bike. Perforation is everywhere but the outer arms—front panels, back panels, under- and inner arms. Available in black and brown with limited sizes as this jacket sold well this summer.

jacket is among the first ever produced from this SoCal gear brand, and over the course of three seasons so far it’s proven to be the best Roland Sands design to date. It has survived several seasons while other models have come and gone. The Ronin offers a great blend of modern/classic lines—punctuated by generously perforated panels under each arm. This isn’t often considered strictly a summer jacket, but it does breath quite well. Well enough you can ride it through the fall but when it gets really cold you’ll have to layer up or choose another jacket as you’ll be getting hit hard in the pits with cold air.

The is a follow-up to the company’s first (and a shop favorite) . For the sequel, Pagnol mixed it up a bit by ditching the collar, dropping the tail, and adding generous perforations along the jackets side panels. We have every size in stock right now, as well as the company’s new . Try them on or order risk-free at home while supplies last.

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