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Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket - 3/4 Length jacket by Fox Creek Leather

Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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Motorcycle clothing manufacturers live in an ultra-competitive world. They spend huge amounts of time and money trying to design products that have something just a little bit different and special to outsmart the competition.

I'm sure there are many different types of statistical methods, surveys and focus groups that are used to try and judge customer acceptance. But in the end, it all comes down to the "Wow" factor.

After all is said and done, it's the first reaction that appears on a customer's face when the box is opened that can make or break the product.

But people also have a funny habit of consciously or unconsciously seeking acceptance from their peers. Which means that there's a secondary "Wow" factor that comes into play - how will my friends react when they see the product?

The Wow factor is easiest to recognize when studied by an observer. I unwittingly served in that capacity during the arrival of this "3/4 Length Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket" from Fox Creek Leather.Women's leather motorcycle jacket, liner. From the reactions I witnessed, this jacket has to be the all-time Wow factor champ, because that's been the first word out of everyone's mouth when they see it, whether they are motorcycle owners or not.

Black leather has to be one of the hardest subjects for photography, so I'll be the first to admit that these images don't come close to capturing how nice this jacket really looks up close and personal (Hmmm...just what I was looking for; an excuse to buy another camera!).

We were very favorably impressed in our previous review of the Fox Creek Leather men's Vented Racing Jacket, and the 3/4 Length Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket is made to the same high standards of quality and attention to detail. Fox Creek Leather manufactures all of their clothing in the U.S.A. and their lifetime guarantee is an indication of the confidence they have in their products.

My wife Lori happily volunteered to be the lead reviewer for this Fox Creek jacket. Lori assists with many of our product and accessory reviews and helps manage webBikeWorld's "Women's Motorcycle Clothing" page. Lori also rides a 1986 BMW R65 and she's been an avid horse owner and rider for many years, so she is very familiar with leather goods and outdoor gear, and is eminently qualified to comment on this jacket, so I'll turn it over to her:

The first thing I noticed about Fox Creek Leather 3/4 Length Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the butter-soft leather. Everyone who sees the jacket is very impressed, and they all comment on the quality of the leather and how soft it feels. It doesn't really show up in the photos, but the leather has a very tiny pebbled grain, which also adds to the dressy appearance. Did I mention how much people like this jacket? My friends literally go bonkers when they see it, it's that impressive.

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