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Leather Jacket Looks: Style Suggestions for Men

Leather Jacket Looks: Style Suggestions for MenThe leather jacket: Marlon Brando and James Dean made it a symbol of rebellion. Today it's no longer relegated to young fashion but is a style icon all throughout American culture. You don't have to be a revolutionary to use a leather jacket to show off your unique personality. In this buying guide, you'll read about the ten ultimate styles that define the leather jacket in fashion today.

Important Information on Buying a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets surround any man who wears them with an atmosphere of freedom and a touch of cool. Whether you wear yours while shopping on the weekend, on the way to work, or under a starry city sky โ€“ a leather jacket is always a great casual companion. If you take care of it, of course. Whether you're going for grunge or business casual, you need to treat your leather jacket at least once a year with leather cleaner or oil. If you're too lazy to do it yourself, just take your men's leather jacket to a quality leather goods shop.

When you're buying a new leather jacket, you should look at the price. You'll get what you pay for in this case. Inexpensive leather jackets are often made with low quality leather or faux leather, or might be patched together from multiple pieces. You can recognize quality in a jacket that has a genuine leather label. Look at the seams as well: there should be as few as possible, and you shouldn't see any fraying.

1. The Grunge Leather Jacket: Against the Mainstream

Grunge lives, and it's even experiencing a revival. This style and sound go back to the American underground music scene of the late 1980s and 1990s, with its rough guitar sounds and rebellious mood. The style: loose, destroyed jeans, a band T-shirt like Nirvana or Pearl Jam with old Chucks or clunky boots. You can combine them with a plaid shirt or lumberjack look (unbuttoned at the neck), tousled hair, and maybe a baseball cap.

2. The Preppy Style: A Touch of Irony

The preppy look started in the 1980s. It actually reflects the styles prevalent in US private high schools, but today people tend to wear the style more ironically. To get this look, choose a close fitting dark brown or grey leather jacket. Give your hair a side part, and add a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, a polo shirt or button-down, and a vest in a bright color or pastel. Choose chinos or casual pants in khaki, blue, or green and pair them with boat shoes or loafers. This look gives anyone a younger look, and indicates the wearer has both a sense of style and a sense of humor.

3. The Athletic Leather Jacket: Quintessential American

If you like to wear baseball caps and ยพ sleeve jerseys, then this athletic style is for you. Grab your most comfortable pair of jeans or chinos, add an athletic cut sweater or baseball shirt, cool sneakers, and finish the outfit with a leather jacket. Choose a casual style in dark brown or grey, perhaps a bomber jacket style.

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