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Leather Motorcycle jacket with holster

Coronado Concealed-Carry Products

CONCEALED-CARRY JACKETS & VESTSSince 1987 we have been designing and building products for concealed-carry in addition to our standard-line products. What started with a simple "gun fanny pack" for a local officer, then lead us to "holster purses" for women and then our first concealed-carry vest in the late 1980's. We have since expanded into a complete line of concealed-carry products for men and women, making this unique product offering our specialty.

Our goal has been to provide law enforcement and law-abiding American citizens responsible products that will allow for comfortable, functional and safe concealed-carry. Our concealed-carry products are designed not only to withstand the extra weight from a firearm, but built sturdier than most leather products available today.

Jackets and vests have been made for years with some kind of gun pocket incorporated into the garment. We have seen products that date back to the 1950’s with this feature. The problem was that it was simply another pocket built into the lining with a larger opening, and nothing more. Some were leather-lined, others were satin lined, neither of which work great. Our first vests and jackets were not much different. After a few years we really figured out what we needed to do to improve on this old and outdated method.

We use a heavy-weight ballistic nylon to line the concealed-carry pocket. It is essentially a vest within a vest or jacket. The ballistic nylon is stitched around the armhole and up on the shoulder seam to give maximum weight support for the firearm. The pockets are positioned about 3/4-of the way up the inside of the garment for proper weight distribution, with an inside Velcro patch for attaching the included holster/retention strap to the garment. This is an important feature that we changed in recent years.bag Depending on your size and build, the optimum position of the holster will vary quite a bit. This new holster system will give you complete control over where and at what angle to holster the firearm. You may also opt to purchase a internal clip holster to carry in the opposite holstering pocket to offset the weight on one side. This can be found on our accessories page.

Our concealed-carry bags and cases are lined with a Ballistic nylon pocket going horizontally across the back or center of the bag. A universal holster/retention strap that is removable and adjustable within a ballistic nylon pocket. We currently do not offer any Velcro opening handbags, as we find it un-safe and not secure. All of our concealed carry bags will have a unique, key-locking zipper that gives access to the holster pocket. It can be locked when around young children, at the workplace or anywhere else you feel it needs to be secure. When the locking zipper is unlocked it works like any ordinary zipper.

The concealed-carry pocket is stitched at the back seam and at the top when it is possible. This will keep the ballistic lining a little sturdier to hold the weight of the handgun. The main pockets on all bags will not interfere with the concealed-carry pocket, nor will access to the concealed-carry pocket from the other pockets. The bag can be used independently from the concealment-pocket.

In 2011 we started offering a more custom-fitted holster that can be used in our vests, jackets and bags. These new Premium Nylon Holster are double layered, foam lined and designed for either semi-automatics/Glock or all revolvers. They will include an adjustable retention strap and are designed to cover the trigger guard for added safety and security. You can purchase those by clicking the link above or going to our Accessories page for more info. click here to go to the product-page

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