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Western style leather Motorcycle Jackets

Your Guide to Buying a Leather Vest

Your Guide to Buying a Leather VestA leather vest can be a way to make a fashion statement or it can be a practical choice for comfort and warmth. Buyers can find different options for vest styles and types of leather to choose from. Leather vests are often worn by motorcycle riders for both style and as a way to stay warm without the added bulk of a jacket weighing down the arms. Leather vests wrap around the torso to provide warmth to an area that is exposed to the cold while not adding unnecessary weight. They can be worn over a shirt alone on cool, chilly days or under a jacket as an additional layer for colder rides. Choosing a leather vest means understanding the different types of material, grains, and styles as well as how to take care of the vest to keep it looking good years down the road.

Types of Leather Vests

Buyers can choose leather vests according to different criteria, including the type of leather material, the leather grain, and style of the jacket. Each choice gives the wearer a different look to fit the occasion and their personality.

Leather Materials

Many leather products are made from cattle, and this is the most used material for leather. It is durable and long-lasting, and it does not stretch as much as other materials and therefore holds its shape longer. Other variations of leather do exist with their own benefits. The table below shows alternate leather materials and their properties.




Medium-weight; soft; dries out quickly

Used in clothing that is more affordable

Strong and does not stretch easily

Has a rustic look

Very soft and supple

High-end; used in expensive apparel

Each type of leather, from cowhide to lambskin has different properties, and the kind buyers choose depends on how they plan to wear the vest. They can choose something soft for a more formal occasion or durable buffalo leather for everyday wear.

Grains of Leather

Leather is available in several different grains. Full-grain leather is not usually made into clothing but is saved for furniture and other products. The best choice for clothing is top-grain leather, and it is used in high-end leather garments. It has been sanded and had a finish applied to it; the split layer (or under layer) has been removed. Corrected-grain leather has had an artificial grain applied to the surface of the leather and the imperfections removed. Split leather is what is left after the top-grain is removed, and it is what is used to make suede. It is not considered true leather, but it is less expensive to own.

Allstateleather Mens black PREMIUM SOFT LAMB Leather Western Shirt with BLACK Snaps Sizes 42-56
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Allstateleather)
  • Measure around your chest under your arms at the widest part of your chest with arms by your side.
  • Add 2 inches to the chest measurement and buy that size.If the chest measures 46 inches than buy 48.
  • The buttery soft feel of this Shirt will make you look and feel like a million bucks.
  • 2 front snap button chest pockets. The collars are also attached with the snaps.
  • This leather shirt was designed with two goals in mind style and comfort.
Mens Black Leather Motorcycle Vest W/ 14 Patches Us Flag Eagle Biker
Apparel ()
  • Gender:Mens
  • Material:Genuine Buffalo Leather
  • FEATURES:14 Patches USA Live to Ride Eagle US Flag
  • Rock Design:Patchwork of genuine leather ; Pattern:Solid ; Please Note:Actual designs may vary slightly from photograph
  • Note:For return policy in non product problem,customer has to response for shipping fee and 15% restore fee,And please return within 14 days.
Interstate Leather Interstate Leather Ladies Gangster Jacket (Black, X-Large)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Interstate Leather)
  • Leather scooter jacket with distressed edges
  • Zippered cuffs
  • 6 zippered outside pockets
  • Underarm and back air vents
  • Classic scooter style snap collar

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