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Marc Moto Red Leather Jacket

Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Mamie Gummer hit the NYC bash Tuesday night.

One couldn’t help but wonder what the hell to wear to Marc Jacobs’ private dance party at New York City’s Old Gym on Mulberry Street in Soho — the invite read: “A killer dress code is being enforced, so listen up and take note: Look like a mess, but a beautiful one. Think money, success, fame, glamour — yes to eye patches, argh. Lace tights and goggles, maybe throw in some plaid. Lady Bunny-length lashes and outrageous, vibrant makeup — line those lips and spike that hair like it’s the ’80s. Exaggerate your brows, arch them high and draw them in. Platform shoes, big sneakers and even bigger heels. Hello! Lots of layers, over-accessorize and obviously add latex. Live your fantasy. Absolutely no drearies or normals.”

Bottom line: Anything and everything goes. Looks ranged from leather jackets to jean jackets to drag to hipster to glam-grunge. Actress Mamie Gummer wore an AC/DC tee.

“It’s very Marc, ” exclaimed stylist Jason Rembert (clients Rita Ora, Zayn Malik) of the lively #MJScreamTeam scene. "No one brings the glam and grunge of downtown like he does." The crowd mingled as topless male models/cocktail waiters served up classic martinis, Domaine Chandon champagne and single slice pizza (in paper Marc Jacobs containers).

“Foreign Fields” singer Kacy Hill took to the stage to perform, while Kate Mara (in a red leather moto jacket) arrived late with boyfriend Jamie Bell to grab drinks at the bar and chat up a fellow partygoer about their sky-high custom-made Nike platforms.

Jacobs hosted the evening to celebrate his new spring 2016 eyewear collection. A creepy-cool wall of real and faux moving hands brazenly flashed the middle finger while showcasing the designer’s newest sunglass styles — the most popular being futuristic, crystal studded cat-eyes. Guests were encouraged to try on pairs and snap photos. Much like Jacobs himself, the “adults only” evening was fun and unapologetically irreverent.

Get an inside peek of the event below.

THE INVITE: No "drearies or normals, " please.

KACY HILL: The singer's live performance.

THE SCENE: #MJScreamTeam.

PIZZA AND CHAMPAGNE: A winning combination.

GROUP SELFIE: The more the merrier.

THE PERFECT SHOT: Selfies in front of Jacobs' hand wall are a must.


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