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Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets Chicago




Mostly men that want to buy mens leather jacket often presume that most of the styles are same and by purchasing one, whichever they feel like, they will do justice to the money they have spent. This isn't the way leather shopping should be done. However, their understanding is valid as these mens leather jackets fall under similar families and have a few common traits; such as all of them are not recommended for a formal occasion. But the fact remains that one should look into the different styles carefully when putting an order for a mens leather jacket. Starting with the different styles; mens biker jacket is one of the most famous these today. It is not only confined to those who ride bikes as people deem it fit to wear for other occasions. It is slim, fit and has tight zippers not to allow air in when riding a motorcycle.

Then come the mens bomber jackets which are made mostly for the cold weather. So if you are living somewhere where it gets unusually cold, and you want to don a jacket for fashion all the while keeping warm; the bomber jacket is the way to go. We also have the mens aviator and flight jackets that are basically about the same thing like the mens bomber leather jackets.boys-leather-jacket.jpg Next, we have the mens varsity jackets that, as you would have guessed it, were famous in educational institutions decades back to show support and spirit. It is also designed somewhat like the bomber jacket. Other then these, there are many other styles available; you just have to open your eyes and mind and look actively for the one that suits you.


Remember Mr. Tyler Durden from Fight Club? I know, I know, I shouldn’t be talking about Fight Club, but what I am referring to is his red leather jacket. You notice how prominent it was, how different it was, I mean, when was the last time you have seen someone with a jacket in red color? And yet it looked great along with the rest of his costume. That is specifically why it is of utmost importance that you choose such a color that compliments your outfit. There are literally dozens of colors to select from. You can choose black, which is the natural formal look for the mens leather jackets, it looks cool as well.mens-quilted-jacket.jpg It will work well if you have a wardrobe of solid colors.

However, if you have a more subdued wardrobe then brown is the way to go; mens brown leather jackets are much more flexible than black and will go along well with many colors. Also, keep this thing in mind that never wear a brown jacket over black footwear. Other than these two popular colors we have many other tons of different colors in mens leather jackets ranging from blue to white etc. However they are not really adaptive and should be chosen for special occasions only.


Mens Leather jackets are available in many different materials to choose from. All of the various leather materials come from different animals which have been processed differently. So it only makes sense that you put in a little effort to learn about most of them and to find out which leather jacket would not only look good on you but would also make you feel comfy. The most common type of material is the cowhide which is often the one used in jackets. It is sturdy, and the quality of cowhide varies depending on the price you pay for it because the leather comes from different parts of the cows and are processed separately.

Next, we have the mens suede leather jackets which is also known as Lambskin. It is softer, delicate and heavier than cowhide and should be treated carefully around water. This is for those who want a comfortable experience while wearing a leather jacket. After the suede, we have mens shearling leather jackets. Shearling is one of the warmest options there are available but can also be pretty pricey; for all you folks living in the cold. Exotic leather is what comes next, this includes the skins of various animals and, as expected, is pretty expensive. It includes alligator skin, crocodile skin, snakeskin, etc. We also have goatskin, Bison, Deerskin, Horsehide, etc. and much more, but these aren’t as much famous as the ones described above. Choose the material carefully of your mens leather jacket and for just the needs you have.

leather-mens-jackets.jpg black-leather-jacket-mens.jpg men-jackets.jpg mens-leather-jackets-sale.jpg

JH Design Chicago Bulls Leather Varsity Jacket (XX-Large)
Sports (JH Design)
  • Chicago Bulls Leather Varsity Jacket
  • 100% Full Leather Jacket with Hand Crafted Leather Logos
  • NBA Officially Licensed Item
  • 100% Made in the USA
FairyMotion FairyMotion Chicago Llinois Usa Flag Embroidery Patch 3" Wide Shipping/Three White Rectangle/Light Blue Stripes/Four Red Stars Perfect Patches
Art and Craft Supply (FairyMotion)
  • Patch can be used as Iron on
  • Great to patch holes or just to decorate bags, caps, towels and more.
  • These are great collectible patches for your memorabilia collection.
  • Produced from high heat resistance threat
  • iron on patches

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