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Police Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Welcome to the Police Leather Jackets Department

Police Leather Jackets Department Welcome to The Police Leather Jackets for on Duty Officers on motorcycle Patrol and Car Patrol From Twin Falls,
Idaho to Miami, Florida
they are wearing
The San Diego Leather Jacket Factory's Law
Enforcement Jackets. Check It Out! We are on TV! "Factory Made" filmed us on how to make a Police Leather Jacket
We manufacture the best jackets around for use on the motorcycle, in the patrol car, in the air and on the water!" The G1 is also a great EMS jacket for those helicopter rescues. Campus Police find the jackets comfortable and official looking. The California CHP use the Police B pictured below. All of our Police Jackets come with an inside gun pocket for back up. We take great pride in making a product that can take hard use and give good service through the years. When we get a call from a new department saying that we have been recommended we are really proud. Please consider us if your department wants to upgrade to leather. We look forward to being your Departments Official Supplier. Our jackets, once approved are sold directly to the department or to officers although some forward looking uniform stores will carry them as a service. In most cases you will be dealing directly with us and enjoying the savings. Any jackets that are standard can be returned or exchanged unused within three weeks or receipt and we encourage you to do so. It's in our best interest that you have a good fit on a jacket will will last you for many years. Our Police Jackets come in Cowhide or Goatskin; Longs and Shorts, Sizes up to 60L, Men's and Ladies sizes.

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