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Leather Repair

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The left arm on the jacket below was stiff and stuck straight out. (Fortunately it was not brittle.) I patched the large hole on arm with matching goatskin, provided by my colleague John Chapman at Good Wear Leather Coat Company. Amazingly, the family had the original squadron VAW-111 patch, so we were able to use it to cover the hole over the front pocket. Looks like Jesse Bohannon was very pleased with this meaningful restoration gift from his son!

Jacket made larger Mouton collar replaced New knits - Rib Rack waistband

*Frequently I am asked if I will use your knits or materials. If you have the materials you are certainly welcome to send them with your jacket. Usually I provide the materials. I buy knits and buttons from Larry Blackwell of He has the best in my opinion. They are high quality USA knit, and era appropriate.

The zippers I use for flight jackets are USA antique finished solid brass YKK.

If you want "new-old stock" to look just like the original zipper, they cost around $60 just for the zipper itself. Those have to be ordered from the only company that I know of that makes them and they are in Japan, so it will take a little longer as well.

A leather A-2 jacket we restored for for Patrick Murphy. While it was not restored to a wearable condition - because the leather was crumbling in places - it was made presentable for a lasting display.

All I can say is Wow. The jacket looks great. Just what I was looking for, repairs but still a leather jacket with lots of character and memories.
Shawn Moffit

YELP 5 STAR REVIEW by Sandy Malloy

I was really happy that Dena was able to restore my old, beloved leather coat so nicely. I was on the verge of getting rid of it because the color had worn off so badly and the cuffs were really frayed - this thing was a rag. She re-dyed it and carefully repaired the cuffs with banding, and now I feel like I have a brand-new coat. For a tremendous amount of work it was quite affordable, and the entire transaction was very smooth and professional. I would happily recommend Great Leather to anyone ready to give up on a favorite leather jacket or coat.


The jacket came out as perfectly as I could have imagined it. When considering something like a World War II US Navy bomber jacket, I think you have a dilemma between leaving it as it is and placing it in a display case for posterity - where its value may be arguably higher - or restoring it and allowing it to be part of living history. I obviously would prefer the latter. I could tell from speaking with you about the jacket, and from the beautiful results, that yours are the best hands for this jacket to be in for it to receive the care that it deserves.

The whole thing, including the knits, came out beautifully, and as I think you said yourself, the mouton collar is just perfect. I am honored every day that I wear this jacket and thank you for your special care and excellent and respectful restoration work.



New Jersey

Dena, I received my treasured leather jacket back today. I could not be more pleased with each of the individual repairs you made. The time you took to evaluate the damage and develop a plan to return it to its original condition reflected the mastery level of your craft. Your continued contact to keep me informed of progress along the way was first rate. The charges for such skill and attention to detail were very reasonable. If ever I should find myself in need of any leather services, I will not hesitate to contact you again. With deepest gratitude, Daniel Leyes


repaired by Great Leather. The repairs they did for us were nothing short of miraculous. We shipped the garments because we live in another state, and it was totally worth it. We could not be happier. I spoke with the owner several times over the phone and via e-mail and she is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, not to mention super nice. They are also very reasonably priced. I would recommend Great Leather highly. We are so happy that we found out about Great Leather. They not only saved our leather items but restored them. I rarely feel this way about any business, but I really do wish I could give them more than 5 stars, because their service and quality is exceptional!

We repair leather bomber jackets, leather flight jackets, we even restored an old leather flight suit from WWII. Read about the results in our customers own words:

Hi Dena,
I received the leather flight suit, and my husband and I are absolutely thrilled. Your hard work, expert knowledge and care is truly evident. Your restoration on the antique leather flight suit is better than I could have imagined, or even hoped for. It is truly amazing! The leather looks supple and beautiful once again. I cannot thank you enough. I am recommending you to all of my friends and even posting about you on my facebook page. I look forward to using you in the future as well. Thank you so much for your amazing work.
Thank You,
Christina Montgomery


My leather jacket arrived today. As I said this is one of my favorite garments of all times and what you have done to restore it is truly remarkable. Looks new. Its like seeing an old friend as they appeared the first time you met them. What you do is obviously an art. Please keep it up.

Bravo and Thank You!


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My leather jacket arrived today. As I said this is one of my favorite garments of all times and what you have done to restore it is truly remarkablel. Looks new. Its like seeing an old friend as they appeared the first time you met them. What you do is obviously an art. Please keep it up.

Bravo and Thank You!

Richard Floyd

Texas State Director of Music

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