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Buffalo leather motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Motorcycle Jackets

jacketsMotorcycle jackets have become an important part to riding. Besides offering protection from the wind and rain, throughout the years they’ve been dramatically improved upon to provide safety from accidents and mishaps. Though there are countless manufacturers producing quality riding jackets, they all use the same basic materials that have been tested for strength and durability.


Leather jackets make up the larger percentage of riding gear available. Its properties make it very durable, long lasting, and easy enough to manipulate. Also, it helps that humans have been using leather to make clothing for centuries, so perfecting it in a jacket designed to save our hides from road rash is no problem. The better quality riding jackets will use Full Grain or Top Grain leathers, where the lesser quality ones will use Split Leather. The one drawback to leather jackets is that in order to get the best life and use out of them, you’ll need to use specific chemicals to treat and clean the jacket.


Many companies are adding textile motorcycle jackets to their leather line-ups. There are some benefits to using synthetic fabrics versus natural leather as well. The jackets are generally less expensive and don’t require you to clean as often or take care of as much. Fabrics like Cordura are strong, water-proof, and flexible. This makes producing jackets that are abrasion resistant and durable less time consuming. Textile jackets typically use mixes of Nylon, Rayon, and other synthetic fabrics mixed with cotton in a formula designed for strength and comfort.

Track Motorcycle Leather Jacket | Men’s Armored Basic Black by Just4BikesBrands

While the list of manufacturers grows more and more each year, there are a few popular brands that are well known for their commitment to quality. Frank Thomas and River Road are both known for their more casual leather jackets. Icon, Fox Racing, and Fly Racing excel at jackets designed for the track. First Gear, Joe Rocket, and Tourmaster make great textile jackets for year-round riding.

Remember that choosing the right motorcycle jacket is sometimes not as easy as just finding a color you like and clicking “buy.” Each one will fit a little differently and will have some features that you really like or aren’t too thrilled with. You will, most assuredly, get plenty of adventures out of whichever jacket you ride with, though.

Read all of our motorcycle jacket reviews below:

Men’s Armored Basic Black by Just4Bikes

Picture your perfect motorcycle jacket. Does it have obnoxious logos printed or stitched everywhere on it just to promote a company? Mine doesn't, but not because I'm anti-corporation or anything, I just think that running into a fellow motorcyclist and striking up a conversation to learn more about their gear ...

Armored GSXR White, Blue, Orange, Red & Black

Joe Rocket Suzuki SuperSport Motorcycle Jacket | Armored GSXR White, Blue, Orange, Red & BlackI've always been a Honda fan, probably stemming back to the first motorcycle I ever owned. It wasn't the prettiest thing out on the streets, but I had a blast on it, and it ran well with very little maintenance. For as much as I love Hondas, though, you can't ...

Men’s Motorcycle Jeans by Fasst, Long Sleeve Pre-Shrunk Cotton

Let's say, hypothetically, that I'm a big Walker, Texas Ranger fan strictly because of the jacket that Chuck Norris wears throughout many episodes. You know which one I'm talking about, right? The denim jacket in which Norris wears holds all the secrets of the roundhouse kick itself. So, logically I ...

3 In 1 Motorcycle Hooded Vest Liner 98222-10VW

The evolution of motorcycle apparel has been an interesting thing to witness, especially as I'm just a casual observer. In the past, the only items for safety that were usually made were made for men, because it was something like 1% of the riders out there were women, so not really ...

Premium Grain w/ Full Zip Liner by Allstate

The thing about buffalos is that you know they're pretty tough to begin with. They have big strong backs, can weigh a ton, and have large horns capable of skewering a man like a shish-kabob. This is probably what helps buffalo leather be as durable and protective as it is, and ...

Youth Motocross MX Zip Off Pre-Curved Sleeve, Unisex

One of the things that I miss the most about being young is the ability to get up from falls without so much as a bruise and wanting to try the same stunt again that had me on the ground in the first place. This works when climbing trees or ...

Buffalo Leather, Laced w/ Black Nehru Collar

Getting a new jacket is like making a new friend. You're bound to go on grand adventures that will add a wealth of experience to your life. Your jacket will enjoy getting to see the world, and you'll enjoy having the protection that your best jacket friend offers if you ...

Draggin’ Jacket, Kevlar Denim | Men’s Motorcycle Jeans by Fasst, Long Sleeve Pre-Shrunk Cotton Harley-Davidson Spirited Women’s Jacket | 3 In 1 Motorcycle Hooded Vest Liner 98222-10VW Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Brown Basic | Premium Grain w/ Full Zip Liner by Allstate Thor Phase Jacket, Black | Youth Motocross MX Zip Off Pre-Curved Sleeve, Unisex

Jamin' Leather Rich Brown Genuine Leather Jacket for Men 42
Apparel ()
  • full sleeve zip out lining, full removable belt, 3 front zip pockets, 1 flap pocket, 2 inside vertical easy access pockets, zip cuffs, heavy duty YKK zippers, top...
  • Please review the Sizing Information chart on the Jamin Leather detail page in our Amazon storefront.
Jamin' Leather Men's Premium Buffalo Leather Vest with Side Lacing 48
Apparel ()
  • soft nylon lining, classic biker style, two front pockets, snap up front, rawhide side lacing for expansion and maybe even fit over your leather jacket, two inside...
  • Please review the Sizing Information chart on the Jamin Leather detail page in our Amazon storefront.


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