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Highwaymen MC (Motorcycle Club)

Highwaymen MC Patch LogoDetroit Highwaymen Motorcycle Club

The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, also known as the Detroit Highway, was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1954.

Highwaymen MC is the largest one percenter motorcycle club in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Detroit Highwaymen MC History

The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1954. The Highwaymen Founder was Elburn “Big Max” Barnes.

The Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Clubs, which was created by the President of the Outlaws MC Detroit Chapter in the 1970’s to resolve outlaw motorcycle gang turf wars, banned the Highwaymen from the federation.

Detroit Highwaymen MC Logo / Highwaymen MC Motto

The patch consists of a winged skeleton wearing a motorcycle cap and leather jacket. The official colors of the one percenter motorcycle club are black and silver.

Highwaymen MC Patch Logo

The motorcycle club has a motto similar to many other clubs, which is “Highwaymen Forever, Forever Highwaymen”. This is abbreviated to “H.F.F.H”.

Detroit Highwaymen MC Chapters

Highwaymen MC Clubhouse DetroitThe Highwaymen MC Chapters are situated in the following states:

  • Highwaymen MC Alabama
  • Highwaymen MC Florida
  • Highwaymen MC Indiana
  • Highwaymen MC Kentucky
  • Highwaymen MC Michigan
  • Highwaymen MC Ohio
  • Highwaymen MC Tennessee

Detroit Highwaymen MC Crime / Highwaymen MC Media

The Highwaymen MC have been the subject of many law enforcement investigations, some of which are listed in further detail below.

1980s – A DEA agent in charge of investigating the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club is shot by the Detroit Chapter President as he drove to work. The shooting failed to seriously injure the DEA agent.

On the 5th of May 2007 the FBI arrested 40 members of the Highwaymen MC on various charges including racketeering, murder for hire, assault, drug trafficking and fraud. The investigation that led to these charges being laid took 2 years and involved wiretaps and informants. One of these informants was identified and murdered.

On June 13th, 2007 Randell Lee McDaniel was arrested in Lansing, Michigan for running a chop shop. He was charged with both automative theft and drug related charges.

The FBI unsealed and indictment on 35 counts, alleging that “since 2000, the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club was an enterprise whose members allegedly committed, attempted, and threatened to commit acts of violence to protect and expand the gang’s criminal operations. Defendants Aref Nagi, Michael Cicchetti, Leonard “Bo” Moore, Johnny Jarrell, Gary Ball Jr., Leonard “Dad” Moore, Gerald Peters, Joseph Whiting, Robert Burton, Ronald Hatmaker, Michael Kukla, Louis Fitzner, Darrell Bryant, John Barnett, Robert Flowers, and Michael Toney were leaders of the enterprise who directed other members of the enterprise in carrying out unlawful acts and other activities in furtherance of the conduct of the affairs of the enterprise.”

Highwaymen MC Aref NagiIn 2010 Aref Nagi was found guilty along with Leonard “Dad” Moore, 61, Joseph “Little Joe” Whiting, 56, Anthony “Mad Anthony” Clark, 52, Michael “Cocoa” Cicchetti, 55, and Gary “Junior” Ball Jr., 44.

– The former Highwaymen MC Vice President, Aref “Scarface” Nagi, was sentenced to 37 years in prison in related to the 2007 FBI investigations. His charge was conspiracy to violate Federal Rackeering Laws (RICO), conspiracy to commit murder, stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and firearms violations.

Detroit Highwaymen MC Enemies and Allies

Detroit Highwaymen enemies:

  • The Highwaymen MC enemy is known to be Outlaws MC. The main reasoning behind this rivalry is mainly down to territory. The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club are the largest club in the Michigan area and the Outlaws MC have been taking turf.

Detroit Highwaymen allies:

Famous Highwaymen MC Members

Elburn “Big Max” Barnes – Founder

Elburn “Big Max” Barnes founded the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club in Detroit, Michigan in 1954 and is often viewed as the Godfather of Motorcyclists in the Detroit area.

Aref “Scarface” Nagi – Former Vice President

In January 2011 Aref Nagi (aka Scarface) was sentenced to 37 years in prison in related to the 2007 FBI investigations. His charge was conspiracy to violate Federal Rackeering Laws (RICO), conspiracy to commit murder, stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and firearms violations.

James Blake Miller

James Blake Miller, who gained some fame as being the “Marlboro Marine”, is a member of the Kentucky Highwaymen Motorcycle Club.

In late 2004 James Blake Miller, when he was aged only 20, was in the Second Battle of Fallujah when his photo was (as seen below), was taken by photographer Luis Sinco. The photo was published in newspapers not long after, then gained further attention in the media, including on CBS Evening News by the anchor, Dan Rather.

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